Monday, September 3, 2012

Old mines and new doors..

Took a break from working on the doors this morning to go for a hike.  Natalie, Wicket and I hiked up into Butler Gulch which has some good skiing options come winter.  There is the remains of an old mining operation up there with some pretty cool old equipment.

This appears to be a large pump system for pressurizing that tank.  The pipe leads into the collapsed mine shaft.  I don't know whether this was compressed air or what?
The old rails from the mine carts heading out the tailing pile.

What remains of the mine tunnel.

Back at the house, I resumed work on the doors.  First up was to trim the styles flush with the top and bottom rails.

Then the rest of the router work for the inset panels on the back side of the doors and some more sanding.  The belt sander has been the unexpected hero of this project so far.

Both of the doors side by side.  I need to buy a few more sticks of lumber for the frame and then I can dummy that up and hopefully get the doors pretty much set before we tear out the old garage door.  My goal is to make the swap a one day affair.

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