Monday, September 3, 2012

Garage Doors

Ive been saying all summer that I don't want to go through another winter without better doors on the garage/shop.  It gets pretty cold with the door open when I'm in the waxing skis.  After several weeks of driving Natalie crazy by spending too much time reading about building doors and general woodworking I had a plan...a pretty fuzzy plan, but a plan none the less.  That plan revolved mostly around one by cedar lumber for a frame with a diagonal tongue and groove backing.

After several hours in Lowe's and having to change my plan a few times to due to not being able to find the right lumber and the general poor quality of the lumber I could find I left with a bunch of redwood two by lumber.

With Nick's help I got both doors doweled and glued up in about 8 hrs. 
Not the most sophisticated...but functional.  It did require a second person to hold it in place.
Dowel Joint for the bottom rail.
2nd door layed out for a dry fit
Glueing up the second door, pipe clamps were the best thing I bought yesterday.
Waiting for the glue to dry.
What new project is complete without a new tool?....Full size doors seemed like a good reason to buy a router.
Cutting the rabbit on the back of the door for the plywood panels.
back side all routed and sanded.
I am happy with how the joints came out.

That's all for now..more once I get the doors finished off and hung.

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