Friday, September 7, 2012

Getting Closer....

Things have been going well with the doors. 
The test joint with all of the layers added.  I have been experimenting with the varnish and have decided that I need to go with something a bit less cumbersome for these doors.  I am now leaning toward an oil based  transparent stain/sealer.

Stopped by a tool shop today and picked up a few bits for the router.  Got a top bearing pattern bit and and made a pattern for cutting the hinge mortises

Here it is in action. 

It is made from some of the left over plywood from the door panels.

Clamped to the doors and ready to roll.

One door with hinged installed.

Setting up for number 2.

After all of the hinges were installed I layed out both doors with the posts.  I think I am going to have the doors set back from the face of the posts just a bit to match the radius on the corners of the posts. 

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