Tuesday, September 4, 2012

After work...work.

Stopped by the hardware store again today..twice. Picked up some hardware for the fixed door, foot bolt for the floor and chain bolt for the ceiling.  I also got some Spar Varnish to try out.  Trying to decide whether to go with the un-tinted spar varnish or the redwood tinted stain.

On the way home I picked up some new plywood. I decided that with how well the doors were coming out I shouldn't put cheap plywood in them.

Got some good work done tonight.

Cut the corners square for the panel inserts on the back of one door.
Test fitting the first panel...second rather..first one was 2inches too small....oops.

All sanded and with both panels installed.

Vertical paneling option.

Diagonal panel option, I think this one is the winner.

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