Saturday, October 22, 2011

Winter is on its way..

Natalie's brother-in-law and I got out several weeks ago and cut some wood.  just in time for the first stretch of cold  weather.  Still need to get quite a bit more but it's nice to be able to have fires when it gets a bit nippy
Two weeks ago we woke up to the first snow of the season.

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I spent part of the day finishing off the stairs..Wicket didn't understand why we weren't outside playing in the snow.

She tried to be patiently. 

Last weekend I got out on one of the local trails again.    A beautiful 16 miles loop that climbs out of clear creek canyon and has some really amazing views.  The fall colors were really great.

This section of the trail is on my way back...high up on the rim of clear creek canyon.

It's still hard to believe that this ride is 15 minutes from my house.

Which now finally has nice thermal curtains for those chilly nights.
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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Stairs and Fish

The stairs are almost done.  I was hoping to get the last couple stairs finished before our friend Eric showed up for the weekend...but there was a ski film showing in Golden.  oh well.

These four stairs took longer than the first 8. Now all that's left for them is the baseboard along the wall to cover up the cuts.

This corner took some work but I am pretty happy with how it came out.

At least they look finished from downstairs.

Eric came up to Denver for work and is spending a couple nights with us, today we went hiking.  Nick and I did some went well.

Fall colors CO style on the drive back down from Guenella pass.
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Weekend away from the house...

Natalie decided that we needed a weekend away from the house so after working on the stairs Saturday morning we headed up to Estes park and stayed at a wonderful B&B.  Sunday we got up and after an amazing breakfast we headed up into Rocky Mountain National Park for a hike.
The first of the several beautiful lakes that we hiked past.

Lake of Glass

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011


finally some picture of the move and of the house after.
We borrowed a truck and trailer for the move...managed to get most everything in a couple of trips. Our friend Curtis who is living in Denver for the summer was awesome and came up for the afternoon to help us.

The keg system has been getting plenty of use...makes finding willing bodies to help move heavy things and dig holes much easier.

Desk at the bottom of the stairs by the entryway.

Natalie's mom found this little kitchen piece for us, its a really neat old piece which was probably somebodies entire kitchen cabinet in some cabin somewhere.

Somewhere along the line I managed to get the dirt scrubbed out of the garage and coat the floor with EPOXY.   It is already pretty full, but organizing that is getting pretty high on the list.
Last weekend we hung up pictures, curtains and un-packed.  I also got the first stair laid out to test out my far so good.

Other bits and pieces.

Here are some other random projects that we knocked out in the last few weeks as well.

Wicket got a dog run last weekend...which she promptly dug out of...and then climbed out of as soon as I made it so she couldn't did out.  Covering the corners so she couldn't climb out seems to have worked.

Both of the downstairs toilets ran and this one had leaked for awhile which cupped the wood flooring in the bathroom pretty badly.  Natlie's mom bought us a couple toilets as a housewarming gift...luckily they went in without much of a fight.
I was able to smooth out the worst of the cupping with a belt sander and after a couple coats of polyurethane...the bathroom floor looks much happier.
The last thing in the bathroom was to replace the old nasty faucet with a new one. Once I managed to get the old one out..which involved a sawz-all...I had to find a fixture that would fit in the tight space.  Luckily we found one we liked.  Of course while installing it I noticed that the feed valve for the mini-hot water heater under the sink add that to the list.
The two burners on the right of the stove didn't work.  The repair guy quoted us 285$ and said it would take a long time to get the parts.  $3.50 later I had it working.  I did end up ordering about $70 worth of bits and pieces to re-furbish it...but that was all stuff that wouldn't have been covered by the repair quote.  Now to be fair, my $3.50 fix just bypassed the failed part...but it was for a feature we don't really need....and if I decide to fix it completely that part is $150.

Before we moved into the bedroom I got some trim installed behind where the dresser goes as its a bit tricky to get it in there.

The fun part..

Next came the fun part, actually getting to put down the wood floor.  I started mid-week with the finish nailer getting the first few rows put in and cutting in around the grate.
Thursday night I picked up the flooring Stapler.  I ended up taking Friday off to get my car registered ( I had to go up to Georgtown which is 20 miles the wrong way from work) and work on the floor.  With the flooring stapler things really started moving.  Our new roomate Nick stopped by to help a few times that weekend and with the two of us we managed to get most of the up-stairs completed.

Custom threshold piece for the exterior door from the bedroom.

Now we are really making some progress.
Finished floor in the master bedroom.

I ended up changing the direction of the flooring for the hallway and above the stairs to compensate for the stairwell and stairs not being even close to square with the walls in the rest of the room.

Detail around the gas fireplace hearth.
Here is the finished bedroom, all that is left is to complete the trim.

Catch up

Things have been pretty crazy the last few weeks.  We are finally settled in and aren't working on the house full time... so I am finally going to start catching up on the pictures. I have tried to be good about documenting the whole process, there are a few gaps but you'll get the idea. 

Where were we...ah yes, flooring.  The subfloor in what is now the bedroom was a mixture of OSB from the addition as well as 3/4" T&G flooring over top of rough sawn planks.  This old portion of the floor has a pronounced crown to it.  As best I could measure it was roughly 1/2" out of flat over 10ft.  Since it usually recommended that the sub-floor be within 1/4" over 10ft I decided to rent an 8"drum sander.

 This beast made quick work of smoothing out the rough spots and getting me much closer to something resembling flat.  I took the center of the floor down about 1/4" until I started seeing the blind nailed fasteners and decided to stop there.  The sander was definitely worth the money.