Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Catch up

Things have been pretty crazy the last few weeks.  We are finally settled in and aren't working on the house full time... so I am finally going to start catching up on the pictures. I have tried to be good about documenting the whole process, there are a few gaps but you'll get the idea. 

Where were we...ah yes, flooring.  The subfloor in what is now the bedroom was a mixture of OSB from the addition as well as 3/4" T&G flooring over top of rough sawn planks.  This old portion of the floor has a pronounced crown to it.  As best I could measure it was roughly 1/2" out of flat over 10ft.  Since it usually recommended that the sub-floor be within 1/4" over 10ft I decided to rent an 8"drum sander.

 This beast made quick work of smoothing out the rough spots and getting me much closer to something resembling flat.  I took the center of the floor down about 1/4" until I started seeing the blind nailed fasteners and decided to stop there.  The sander was definitely worth the money.

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