Tuesday, September 13, 2011


finally some picture of the move and of the house after.
We borrowed a truck and trailer for the move...managed to get most everything in a couple of trips. Our friend Curtis who is living in Denver for the summer was awesome and came up for the afternoon to help us.

The keg system has been getting plenty of use...makes finding willing bodies to help move heavy things and dig holes much easier.

Desk at the bottom of the stairs by the entryway.

Natalie's mom found this little kitchen piece for us, its a really neat old piece which was probably somebodies entire kitchen cabinet in some cabin somewhere.

Somewhere along the line I managed to get the dirt scrubbed out of the garage and coat the floor with EPOXY.   It is already pretty full, but organizing that is getting pretty high on the list.
Last weekend we hung up pictures, curtains and un-packed.  I also got the first stair laid out to test out my methods...so far so good.

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