Thursday, January 16, 2014

TV Stand Part VII - Drawers

After finishing off a hardwood floor installation at my father in law's place...

..and in between taking advantage of the new snow,  I have been getting some time in the shop.

With the case complete, I've moved on to the drawers.  First thing on my list was to fit the drawer fronts to the openings in the case. 

Christmas gift cards were well spent on a Veritas Low-Angle Jack with 25 deg blade which worked wonderfully well on the shooting board. The tenon saw has a nice balance to it.

The drawers are a simple rabbet construction and will have dowels to reinforce them.

I can't wait to get some finish on the lower drawers.

Tonight the first of the drawers was fit to the case, so far so good.

Tonight the second drawer was fit. I really like the look of the dowels in the rabbets.

Two more drawers and it's time to move on to the top.