Thursday, October 31, 2013

TV Stand - Part V, Progress, slow and steady.

Since my last post my progress has been a bit slower but I am slowly making progress.

All of the panels for the case have been re-sawn and sized.

Dry fit of the tv stand case.

One good saturday got the drawer dividers installed.  Ended up going with double tenons for the dividers.

The back panel assembly. I cut slots in the panel at the back of the shelf for the receiver to provide ventilation.

The top shelf assembly with ventilation for the receiver.

Some test panels that I have been experimenting with finish on. I am leaning toward just a simple shellac finish. I tried Tage Frid's 4F finish which gave me good results. Might try it for the larger surfaces and exposed panels.

Yesterday I was able to spend the evening in the shop and got the legs finished.  I routed the mortises for the Corbels before tapering them.  This made it much easier to get mortise square.

After the mortises were cut I build a quick and dirty tapering jig.  This worked well enough but would need a better clamping solution for future use. 

Next I milled up the stock for the corbels.  I had saved a piece with nice curving grain that mimicked the curve of the corbel. French curve came in handy for getting a smooth transition.  I shaped an MDF template and then routed each of the four pieces. 

Test fitting the corbel in a leg.

Looking good.