Friday, February 22, 2013

Time for some new projects..

Now that the window seat is finally done I can start to plan some new projects.

So far the list includes..

  • Another storm window, this one is rather large but should keep our bathroom much warmer.
  • Some picture frames for artwork that has been kicking around for far too long.
  • and...a real furniture project that is more out of my desire to build something than necessity..
First step in the first wo was to head to lumber store.
My haul from the lumber store..
Some gorgeous curly maple for a couple of frames.

While at the lumber store I picked out my poplar board...yawn..and then had fun going through the pile of curly maple and walnut to find stock for some picture frames.  Then I happened to check out a pile of wood in a corner with a sale sign....  turns out they got a great deal on a pile of Genuine mahogany and were clearing out the last of the batch, for 6$ a board ft.  At such a great price I couldn't resist picking up a few boards, particularly the 12 1/2" wide one.

This new stash of Mahogany got me thinking about what I should build. I have been fascinated with Greene and Greene style furniture for quite some time and have been thinking about building some living room furniture in that style.  I thought this would be a great time to try it out but wanted a small project to start with...see I do learn from past project.  The design below is what I am thinking about, still needs some refinement and I need to work out the details of the Joinery but I am really liking where this is going.

Small (16" wide, 20" tall) wal hanging cabinet

One shelf.

An alternative design for the stiles that I think I am leaning toward

Claro Walnut and Valentines day.

In my quest to find awesome wood for projects in the denver area I took a lunchtime trip to in Denver.  I picked up some amazing figured Claro walnut and some beautiful un-steamed cherry.

They were small pieces so I decided to build a box to give to Natalie for Valentines day.

Here it is, sitting on a chunk of Bubinga that I also picked up, need to find something to do with that.

Isn't that some amazing Walnut?

Nothing fancy for a finish, just a half dozen wiped on coats of shelac.

Window seat is finally done!!!!

Here are some shots of the finished product.

Left side. 
Right Side

Full window.

Wicket approves

This has been the largest project I have undertaken yet and I have learned a lot along the way.  I am pleased with the finished product though there are some things I would probably do differently were I to do it again.