Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Other bits and pieces.

Here are some other random projects that we knocked out in the last few weeks as well.

Wicket got a dog run last weekend...which she promptly dug out of...and then climbed out of as soon as I made it so she couldn't did out.  Covering the corners so she couldn't climb out seems to have worked.

Both of the downstairs toilets ran and this one had leaked for awhile which cupped the wood flooring in the bathroom pretty badly.  Natlie's mom bought us a couple toilets as a housewarming gift...luckily they went in without much of a fight.
I was able to smooth out the worst of the cupping with a belt sander and after a couple coats of polyurethane...the bathroom floor looks much happier.
The last thing in the bathroom was to replace the old nasty faucet with a new one. Once I managed to get the old one out..which involved a sawz-all...I had to find a fixture that would fit in the tight space.  Luckily we found one we liked.  Of course while installing it I noticed that the feed valve for the mini-hot water heater under the sink leak...so add that to the list.
The two burners on the right of the stove didn't work.  The repair guy quoted us 285$ and said it would take a long time to get the parts.  $3.50 later I had it working.  I did end up ordering about $70 worth of bits and pieces to re-furbish it...but that was all stuff that wouldn't have been covered by the repair quote.  Now to be fair, my $3.50 fix just bypassed the failed part...but it was for a feature we don't really need....and if I decide to fix it completely that part is $150.

Before we moved into the bedroom I got some trim installed behind where the dresser goes as its a bit tricky to get it in there.

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