Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Shaker Step Stool...part 1

It's been a few weeks since the last project wrapped up so it feels good to dig into something new.  The step stool designs I had been playing with just weren't exciting me, I like them but there is something missing still.  Last week I ran to the hardwood supply at lunch to check out their monthly specials.  They had cherry and birdseye maple on sale.  In the future I should probably plan on going before the very end of the month so the pile isn't quite so picked over, but I did manage to find a couple boards that I liked.  The cherry had nice color but had some defects and the maple had pretty heavy birdseye figure but again had some large defects.  It occurred to me that this wood might make a really nice shaker style step stool.

Something Like this.... but with the birdseye maple for the steps.  This evening I got all the pieces milled.  One of the longer cherry parts had a slight bow, not sure yet whether I am going to try and deal with that or not. I think that once everything goes together it should be slight enough that it won't cause any problems.

All the pieces laid out on the bench.  I'm not certain about the proportions yet, I might make the 1st step a bit lower, it is at 10 inches now.

Images of the two side panels to be.  These won't be glued up until after the dovetails are cut for the steps.

It is a bit hard to see in the picture but this board had some pretty consistently heavy birdseye figure.

This should be a fun project and will be a good bit of practice cutting dovetails.  

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