Tuesday, April 9, 2013

It sure feels nice to finish a project...

I finally decided how I wanted to mount the pulls on the whiskey cabinet and got them glued on.  As I was finishing the cabinet with shellac I was also able to get a couple of coats on in an hour so that I could get everything cleaned up and the hardware installed after dinner.
All finished and hung on the wall, the french cleat system worked awesome.  This will definitely be my method of choice for future wall hanging projects. I am pleased with how the color of the Mahogany works with the dark red wall.   
The figure on the board that was used for the case is pretty amazing.  This picture doesn't really capture it
Already occupied.  Though too many of those bottles are looking pretty empty.  Its about time to start looking for some company for them.  I figure at least six bottles can fit in there at a time.

 Opening the cabinet requires a bit of a trick.  The pulls are too small to get enough of a grip to overcome the magnet.  A gentle push on the door though will cause it to pop out allowing a better grip and making opening the door easy.

A view of the magnetic catch installed under the shelf and the cabinet in its final home, right above the espresso machine/coffee station.


  1. Looks Great. I lov the detailing.

  2. I've never built anything in the Greene and Greene style, but would like to. Your cabinet looks great!

  3. Love the cabinet and the grain on the side looks awesome.

    Scotch, espresso, and woodworking...I just found a new blog to follow.

  4. Thanks guys, this was my first crack at a G&G style piece. I like how refined just a few simple Ebony accents can make an otherwise pretty simple piece.