Friday, March 22, 2013

Whiskey cabinet update

I was able to get all the holes for the Ebony plugs cut and the parts sanded this week so tonight I was able to glue up the case.  After a couple of dry runs I get the clamps sorted out and the actual glue-up went pretty smooth

Tried out "Frog Tape" on the inside of the case and must say that I am impressed.  It works much better than the regular blue painters tape at preventing glue from seeping under it.  Ended up using Titebond III for the case just to get the extra few minutes of working time.

While everything was drying I got some of the milling done for the door parts.  Just need to chop out the mortises and then size the tenons.  The panels are all milled to thickness and sanded, ready to be cut to size.  They will be pre-finished since they need to float in the frames.  I am thinking about trying some small pieces of weather stip foam to keep them centered.

After the main case glue-up was complete I was able to glue on the case side of the french cleat for hanging the cabinet.  The part in my hand will be attached to the wall and the cabinet will slip over it. Should be plenty strong enough.

A couple views of the case with some bottles and glasses in it for a test fit, looks good so far.  I can't wait to get some finish on this wood and see what it really looks like.

Random shot from the house earlier this week.  It is currently snowing pretty hard so tomorrow should be a powder day. Probably won't get much woodworking done.

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