Monday, March 11, 2013

Finally time for some woodworking...

I cut the joinery for the storm windows last week on the new bandsaw.  Saturday after skiing I was able to get them glued up and yesterday I got the final coat of paint on them.  This afternoon I got them installed in the frame which had been nailed in place, sealed with foam, caulked and painted.

Installing the frame with the windows in place to ensure an even gap.
Finished windows.  Ended up making "custom" trim for the top half.  Being able to re-saw and then run the strips through the planer made that a pretty easy task. Two slide bolts on the left window and two sash locks to keep te right one closed.  With the weather stripping installed the bathroom is already feeling warmer. 

I also got a chance to test out a method for cutting the finger joints for my upcoming cabinet project.

Pretty pleased with the results.  Cut the fingers with the bandsaw and cleaned them up with a chisel.  I think I am going to try using the dado stack on the table saw to clean them up next time.
Planing 2x6 framing lumber down to 3/4" makes quite a mess.  This is why I have a dust hood on order for the planer..
Test board for the finish.  The left third is the winner, danish oil with several coats of plain shellac.  It is hard to tell in the photo but the oil seems to give the wood a bit more depth.  
A few more test pieces and it will be about time to starting cutting wood for the actual cabinet. 

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