Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New tools and projects.

A simple cutting board that I made from some walnut scraps and a nice little piece of hard maple.  Sized for serving a loaf of bread at the table.

The last week has been a good one for the shop...not so much for the bank account.  Picked up a used band saw earlier today.  It truly is "barely used" unlike most of what I was finding on craigslist and was set up really well.  

Last week I found a good deal on a  Dewalt planer.  These two tools should open up a lot of possibilites for my woodworking.

Ran a scrap piece of Alder through the bandsaw to try out how well it re-saws.  Cut a nice even 1/8" slice off of a 6" board.

 I also have a pretty solid handle on the design direction for the whiskey cabinet that I plan to build with that Mahogany.  After re-sawing a piece of spalted maple I wanted to use for the door panels I decided to go with a much simpler door design to not detract from the maple.  I got some very useful feedback and suggestions from some people on a few of the woodworking forums.

 Here is one of the mahogany boards scraped and wiped with mineral  spirits.  I am pretty pleased with the color and grain in these boards.  Nothing like this stuff, but for a fraction of the price I'll take it.  Some of the boards from Greener Lumber are absolutely incredible. Some day I will get some lumber from them for a really special project.

Tried out a few different finishes.  Played around with amber shellac  as well as danish oil and some stain.  

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