Saturday, January 19, 2013

Storm Windows

Another side project to get in the way of finishing the window seat.  With winter, finally, rolling in I needed to build a storm window for Nick's bathroom window.  The glazing was the only part that didn't go as smooth as I would have liked.

Now there shouldn't be a breeze blowing through his window.

Next on the list was one of the windows in our bedroom.  This window is quite a bit larger so I built the storm window in two parts.  I was able to get storm window hardware from Amazon, poplar from the hardwood supplier, glass from Home cost was about ~50....including the 3rd pane of glass to replace the one I broke while cutting it.

I didn't take any photo's while I was building the frame but they are through mortise and tenons that are glued.   The inside edge is chamfered.

The outside got a rabbet for the glass.

After the primer dried, the glass was installed and then after the glazing cured the frames were painted for installation.

Lower window has hooks to secure it from the inside so that it can be opened for ventilation come spring.

Storm windows installed, just in time.  It was well below zero the next few nights.  Our bedroom is quite a bit warmer, the frost is now on the storm window instead of the bedroom window.

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