Saturday, January 19, 2013

Back to the window seat

Back to the window seat project.  Here are the end cabinets with some finish on them.

And doors...

Glueing up the panel for the cabinet tops.

Flattening and smoothing on the custom bench-hook. I really need to get a larger  plane for panels like this.

We decided to go with the end grain to the front to keep the grain flow from the cabinet doors and to expose more of the spalting.

Time for some drawers.  1/2" birch plywood with a quick coat of shellac.

Last weekend I finally dragged all the pieces into the house and got the all screwed together and attached to the wall.

Then we upholstered the cushion.

The drawers are already in use.

Today I got the table tops cut from the large panel and routed to match the templates  we had decided on.  Not I just have to finish the tops and add the trim along the floor.

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