Thursday, October 11, 2012

Catch Up...

First project for the new shop was to get a table thrown together for the new router.
The dust collection actually works really well.  Until I get a cabinet built for it I have been using it on top of a trash can.
I built a rolling cabinet for the table saw.  The first piece of the master plan for the shop.
Completed and in action.


The next house project on the list was to finally get the back deck sanded and stained, it needed it.

After a little sanding it appears that the deck is actually all redwood...

Unfortunately I will need a much bigger sander to clean the boards up enough to use a clear stain.
The railing I plan to finish cleaning up and put a clear, oil based stain on.

Putting down the "redwood" deck stain, it seemed to wrong to basically paint such nice wood.
It certainly looks better than it did, someday I plan to pull the boards up and run them all through a planer.
The whole back deck after a rain with the new finish.

One of the next projects on the list is to build a new window seat for the downstairs living room.

I plan to do it as a built in with cabinets on the end and drawers under the seat.
A few wood and finish samples.
Sample face frames in the wood options, Pine, Alder and Maple.

We played around with matching the kitchen cabinets which appear to be Mahogany.. ??

I think this option with the exposed sides of the cabinets maple is the current winner.  Maple panels with Alder frames.
Also on the list is to re-hab a few windows before it gets too much colder. 

After doing some reading I think it might make more sense to fix up the nice old wood windows that are in place and add some storm windows, that ought to be just as efficient as new windows for a fraction of the cost.

There are two old windows in our bedroom which are pre-sash pulley.  That dates them to right around the turn of the century so they are likely the original windows.  

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