Sunday, August 3, 2014

Birthday Hike

For my birthday this year we spent a couple days in the Holy Cross wilderness.  

We hiked in from the halfmoon trailhead and up the fall creek drainage.

It was a nice, mellow, 5 mile hike in.

With plenty of distractions.

Wicket enjoy a log bridge.

We got to the lake and found a campsite a little ways up into the trees.

Cooking dinner.

I got some fishing in at the lake, decent luck with the brookies.

Sunday we went for a hike up and over Fall Creek pass.

One of the Seven sisters lakes where I did some more fishing.

Some of the locals.

Natalie's favorite flowers.

Fall Creek Pass.

Whistle Pigs.

That night it rained for awhile, luckily we had a great spot to set up the tarp at our site.

Wicket slept well.

Probably from guarding camp against the natives.

Monday we packed up camp and head back to the car.

This was a beautiful area that we plan to revisit soon.

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