Sunday, August 3, 2014

12 Turns.

Natalie and I decided that this year we would ski all 12 months.  We had a power day at A basin in May, June we rode the lifts at the basin again.  They didn't make it to July this summer so we went up to Jones pass and skied a decent 700' couloir.

The best part about summer skiing is that you can drive pretty close to the run and then hike on dirt.

There was still plenty of snow.

Natalie making turns.

Wicket doesn't bother with turns.

The middle section was steep (40+ deg) and thankfully not sun cupped.

View of the run from the drive back down.

We decided to get our August day this first weekend.  After our successful July day we decided to head back up to Jones pass, being 30 min from the house helps.

A lot of snow has melted in the last couple weeks.  The road up over the pass might even melt out before too long.

We decided that in honor of the twelve months of skiing we had to make at least 12 turns for a run to count.  This one fit the bill.

Wicket enjoyed herself as usual.

As did our newest addition, Lady (Bug).

September might be more of a challenge.  We will likely try and head up to St. Mary's Glacier, although if we get an early season storm at the end of the month we might be able to break out the rock skis and get some fresh turns.

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