Thursday, March 20, 2014

Hand Rendering Furniture

On nights that I'm not motivated to head down to the shop I've been doing some sketching to work out designs for future projects and just improve my sketching.  Here are some of the recent sketches.

Something that I find useful is to create sketches of existing designs, this helps to develop my eye for proportions and various design elements that I may want to use.

I tried to capture a bit of my process...seem to have missed some big pieces.  I start with a pretty hard pencil 4H or 6H and lightly sketch in my perspective lines and the basic frame. Sketching lightly allows me to slowly add detail and build up the line weight without having to try and erase.  Instead of erasing lines, just ignore them and darken the ones you want to keep.

These images shows my next step after I lay in all the detail with pencil.  I like to fully ink the sketch to provide nice clean lines.  Lately I have been using some Prismacolor fine line pens to do this as they are light brown ink and provide softer lines than black ink.

I will try and get a series of picture for my marker sequence sometime soon.  I am finally figuring out a good process that gives me Good contrast while conveying the textures and colors of the wood.

I stepped back and spent some time experimenting with rendering different species of wood.  This exercise was really useful.

Here is a rendering of a table design that I've been kicking around for awhile.

I wasn't feeling like dealing with the markers last night so I created a series of smaller thumbnails for sideboards.  For me, drawing out the various designs help me understand what aspects of them I like and those that I don't.

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