Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Greene and Greene Wall Shelf - Part I

This project arose from a few different considerations.  I wanted to try and use some lumber that I already had and wanted to be able to complete the build in three weeks of evenings.  The shelf is for cookbooks and recipes from magazines.  It will be near the whiskey cabinet I built last year so the intent is keep the design language the same.

 I started by creating a series of thumbnail sketches of various designs.

I was able to lay out the pieces for the wider design on the existing material.  We decided that the wider shelf would be useful.

To create a drawing of the design I started by laying out perspective and major form details. 

Next I use a fine line pen to ink the lines.

I transferred the layout onto some marker paper and filled in the color.  

As I was planning on working with existing materials I didn't bother creating detailed layout drawings, instead just working from the rough dimensions.  I ended up cutting the drawer fronts from the center of a board to get the maximum color.

The one wide board was enough for the sides and top.  The shelf and bottom were glued up panels.  Luckily the grain blended well I was able to keep the glue line out of the exposed tenons.

I decided to cut the dados for the drawer divider by hand.  This was a good exercise, luckily I started on the upper dado.  

Today I drilled the countersinks for the screws that will reinforce the finger joints and cut the drawer parts to size.  I am really pleased with the drawer fronts.

Next up will be the drawers themselves and then the sanding for the case before glueing it up.

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