Monday, September 30, 2013

TV Stand - Part IV, Wrapping up the joinery, thoughts on the glue-up.

It was a productive weekend. I was able to get the web frames built and fitted into the case and start working on making the panels for the shelves.  Those were the first panels on the list so that I can get the web frames fully assembled and glued up as soon as possible.

Trimming the notches on the back rail of the web frame turned out to be another job perfectly suited for the shoulder plane.  This is certainly becoming one of my go to tools for fine tuning joinery of all sorts.

Here is the case dry fit with everything but the drawer dividers. I think I am going to re-make the rear stiles to give them tenons like I used on the web frames.  This will facilitate glueing up the rear panel as an assembly.

Speaking of the glue-up, that has been on my mind recently.  The following images roughly outline what I have in mind for my process.  I know that the web frames and ends will be glued up as an assembly but I am not sure about the back panel.  One of my reasons for doing sub-assemblies is that it will allow me to get clamps on some parts that would be otherwise inaccessible. I plan on using Old Brown Glue for the glue-up as it will give me plenty of working time and is much easier to deal with as squeeze out.

First step will be to glue-up the sub assemblies.  I may even try and pre-finish some of these sub-assemblies, particularly the shelves.
I plan on starting by glueing the lower front stretcher and web frame into the end cap.  I am also thinking about gluing the two shelf web frames together with their dividers and panels.
Next the shelves or shelf assembly will be glued into the main assembly.
Then the rear panel assy (or pieces if I decide not to pre-assemble it) will be installed.  I may also glue the right end-cap on at the same time.
The final step will be to glue on the end-cap if it doesn't on with the back and to install the top stretcher.  I am going to keep the off-cuts when I cut the taper on the legs to use as cauls so that my clamps can be square to the case.
 Any thoughts or suggestions on the assembly process and finishing strategy would be appreciated.

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  1. Jeremy,

    Will you be pre-finishing the panels?

    For the most part, your assembly plan looks good, but I would absolutely join both end caps with the centre parts at the same time. By adding the second end cap, it will ensure the middle parts are aligned properly.