Sunday, May 12, 2013

Productive weekends are great.

After some nice spring skiing I tackled the ceiling in our bedroom yesterday and got a nice coat of white ceiling paint on...ugh.

Today was biking and then shop projects and cleanup.  I have been accumulating lumber lately and have found that the bottom of the larger miter saw bench isn't very convenient for storing it.  Finally picked up some construction lumber and spent the afternoon getting a decent lumber rack built on the wall above that bench.

I ripped pressure treated 2x4s in half and nailed them to the cement walls with the 22cal nailer.  

The supports themselves are just 2x3 studs with OSB brackets.  Simple and cheap, yet effective.

Also figured out a decent way to store the big clamps.  Attached a piece of scrap across the end of one of the shelving units.

I have been sketching some designs for a small side table which would use part of the wide Mahogany board that I've got.  The top will be 12" x roughly 3ft.  I want to have the top floating above the side skirts.  I've drawn it with both a breadboard end...

..and with an underside taper on the end s of the top.  I think that the bread-board end works a bit better.

I think that since the table is relatively small I could get away without any lower stretchers.  Adding them would allow for a lower shelf that might be nice.

Would love to hear any feedback on the design...

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