Monday, May 21, 2012

Playing catch-up...

Who needs a truck?  Succesful trip to Home Depot for raised garden bed supplies. All the cedar lumber helped to cancel out the smell of the bagged steer manure.

Prototype raised bed complete and the rest layed out.

Wicket inspecting the new garden bed in the center of her yard.

Revised garden bed near the porch, we tore out the large timbers and increased the size of the bed.  It flows better with the rest of the yard now that it isn't square. 

Wicket inspecting my work on the small, deep bed for potatoes. 

Building the rest of the raised beds and getting the drip irrigation installed. 

This is the style of flagstone that we are planning on laying for all of the pathways.  We like the idea of red flagstone seperated by walkable ground cover plants like thyme.

The porch garden bed with flowers planted.  Teepees are to keep wicket from trampling all of the flowers.

Berry bushes up against the retaining wall. Blueberry, raseberry and blackberry.

All of the flowers in the Aspen bed.  Similar mix to the bed by the porch, anchored by some lavender with foxglove and columbine for color.

Shaded garden beds for leafy greens and the mini bed for the Clematis vine.  Hopefully it will eventually grow up onto the wire above the fence.

So far this bed has onions, cauliflower and some beans.  Tomatoes will take up the remaining squares.  This is one of the beds where I am experimenting with the squarefoot gardening technigue.  Interesting book and technique, kinda like gardening for engineers.

This bed has Broccoli and Brussel sprouts in it.  Once they are harvested they will be replaced with more summer crops.

Another view of the beds.  The empty bed will have more tomatoes as well as perppers and eggplant.

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