Monday, May 21, 2012

Some inside pictures.

Finally got some pictures of the trim on the stairs.  Decided that the full baseboard would be a bit too busy do we went with matching oak 1/4 round.

Finishing the ends of the baseboard was a bit tricky but worked out.  We tried some larger 1/4 round first but decided to go with the smaller base shoe.  Obviously some finish to clean up...

The rest of the starts for the garden waiting for a bit warmer nightime temps.  Some heirloom veriety tomatoes and peppers that will hopefully produce something other than half ripe fruit by first frost.

Another interesting little trim challenge. 

The white baseboard really accentuates the oak flooring.

It was amazing how much better the doors looked once we painted them and took off the plastic.

Inside the french doors.

Still need to paint the rest of the doors in the bedroom and put another coat on the door trim...and apparently do some laundry.
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