Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Laundry Room

Probably the worst room in the house has been the laundry room.  It is at the back of the house, in a space that at one point was outside of the house.  The floor was a very sloped concrete slab with nasty carpet glued to it and things were rather...piecemeal.


After tearing out the various mis-matched attempts to finish the room it was time to build something straight and square in the its place.

Everything was framed in, including the floor which was raised 2-6 inches to make it level.

The raised floor necessitated adding a step which protrudes out into the pantry room.

Once the drywall was up it started to feel like it was coming together.

Then we hung some cheap hickory cabinets. I felt bad about not making them myself, until I realized that it would have cost more for the materials I would have used than we paid for the cabinets.

The counter now wraps around the room.  T&G plywood was used for the counter base.

Tile was installed on the counter tops and floor.

I used Schuller Ditra for the underlayment.  The ease of cutting it with scissors made it well worth the added cost over cement board.

Lastly I installed the louvered door to close off the washer and dryer as well as all of the trim.  The stair bullnose is custom made from Oak to match the kitchen floor.  I used hickory for the counter edging.  All of the other trim in the room, and the door, are pine.  The HVLP system really came in handy for finishing that door.

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