Saturday, February 8, 2014

TV Stand Part VIII - Almost There.

Hopefully the next post about this project will be the last. This has been my most ambitious project to date.  The final count is just over 100 individual parts and several new techniques for me. Another milestone is that I think I actually spent more on wood for this project than on project specific tools.

I am pleased with the way the drawers came out.  They all operate smoothly enough and the figure on the fronts really looks nice with some finish on it.

The end that gets a bit of sun through the shop window is already starting to darken.  I am looking forward to seeing the colors develop in this piece over the next year or two.

The dowel reinforced rabbet construction for the drawers worked out well.  I think the look fits the piece better than dovetails would have and they are rock solid.

The breadboard ends for the top went smoothly.  I ended up with a full width 1/4" long tenon with two narrower 1" long tenons on each end of the two top boards.  The outer tenon on each is glued and pinned and the inner one is pinned with the hole in the tenon slotted to allow for movement.  

 Any movement should be toward the center which makes makes mounting a bit easier as there should be minimal movement at the mounting points.

I've started working on designs for several new projects.  I think the highest priority is probably a side table to go with the TV stand.  Also on the list are a sideboard to go with the whiskey cabinet I made last year and possibly a Morris arm-chair.  

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  1. Beautiful. Great design and wood selection. I am jealous. :)