Thursday, November 7, 2013

Curves and Resawing

Cut some templates to experiment with curves for the rails.  

I'm pretty happy with the curve for the long rail. subtle yet effective.

The curve on the sides has the same rise to the center but is much more pronounced.  Not sure about this one yet.

Finally got around to cutting down the board for the top to see what the two halves look like side be side.  I like it.  I think I am going to go with my original plan of trimming the inner sapwood band to a consistent width to leave space for cords.

It's starting to look like something.

I also got the drawer parts re-sawn.  These were cut from 6/4 stock so I can get two 1/2" thick parts from each blank.  The amount of tension in the wood seems to be less than for the blanks I used for the shelves.

The larger drawer sides pushed my bandsaw to its limit.  I need 6 7/8" drawer sides and was able to just squeeze a 7 1/8" blank through.  I am impressed at how well the saw did, new woodslicer certainly helps. It would have been nice to have a taller face on the fence, but I really didn't have any issues with getting a pretty consistent cut.  

Drawer parts stacked and stickered.  It will probably be a few weeks before I get to the point where I need to mill them to thickness.   I will probably send them through the planer for a couple passes sometime soon and then take them to final thickness when its time to build drawers.

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