Sunday, August 4, 2013

Completed Record Case

This afternoon I was able to finish the finish, wet sanded with 1000 grit and then rubbed on a coat of paste wax, and installed the hardware. The hardware install was pretty uneventful other than struggling somewhat with the tiny brads that hold the corner brackets on.  I found that a brad point bit worked well in place of an awl to create a small hole to start the brads.

I am pleased with how the case turned out.  My favorite part is the top.  The burl that I used really lit up once I put some oil on it.

The lid is held on with two chest latches and two dowels.  The dowels help to align the lid and guide the latch hardware together.  I was able to get the latches on either side to line up so that lid can be mounted in either orientation.

The inside of the case is simply sealed with shellac.  I don't know for sure but I am assuming that the fumes from an oil finish would not be desirable for vinyl records. The outside of the case has a couple coats of danish oil and 3-4 coats of wipe on varnish. The handles and corner hardware are from LeeValley; chest latches were Penn Elcom (pn L0566K) that I found on Amazon.  There was no hardware with the latches so I ended up ordering the #6, black coated screws from McFeely's. All in all I have been pleased with all of the hardware.  The corner hardware from Lee Valley was a bit smaller than I was expecting, but I think it works pretty well.  

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