Monday, June 3, 2013

Finally back into the shop.

I finally got back in to the shop this evening for a few hours.  This past weekend was spent working on the yard which is looking pretty good.  Time to starting working on some center pieces for the wedding later this summer.  Last fall while cutting firewood I cute a few dozen cookies from  a ~12" log.  They have been stickered in the shop all winter drying and are close enough.

The plan is to flatten them and and then cut a pocket in the top side for a ball jar which will hold flowers.  Being end grain I don't want to run them through the planer and risk it and hand planing 24 of these isn't my idea of a good time.  I considered use the belt sander, but I really need to cut some serious thickness (~1") off of a few of these.  I decided to build a jig to use the router for this task.  

Got the jig built tonight and ran a couple cookies through it.  Ended up adding screws to bottom rails which I can tap the cookies down on to to hold them in place.  The results were promising.

It certainly makes a mes...this was just from 2.

Tried out a couple colors of shellac...I think the clear is going to be the one we go with.  There will be a new router bit in the mail soon as the larges bit I own currently is a 3/4" straight bit.  I am thinking about one of these.

The flat bottom is the same width but the corners should help leave a smoother surface which will require less sanding.

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